New Nissan Murano 2014 coming soon

SUV Nissan Murano is a full model change soon .

The new Murano , in the New York Motor Show to be held this time
It is to be world premiere , but in advance ,
It seems to be able to see a little video .

In the Video on the internet, It was so dark , I do not know to a small part still ,Such as LED headlights around , the concept car that has been previously exhibited ,You will see that it is similar to the ” resonance ” .

Basically , it is based on this resonance ,
It will be a small design changes are made .

In addition to this , Murano , as a luxury SUV,
Such as the Toyota Harrier is becoming a rival .

In resonance , the room was the image of a VIP lounge
I have a sense of quality . With that said, in Murano ,
We value a sense of luxury , you’ll realize the interior advanced .

In addition , resonance because it was a hybrid car ,
This is where the presence or absence of the hybrid also anxious .
This may be an important point also in opposition to the Harrier .

New York Motor Show 14 , which opened on April 16 .
When the vehicle is published , I will deliver more and more detailed more information .

New TT Audi

And rival cars , in the current TT, the new TT of impersonation conspicuous is not it? Running .
Feeling that saw this , new It is also similar to keep the current concept

And , How can the information published one of the few ,
Display part of the speedometer , LCD whole ,
The speedometer is a car navigation system that are integrated .

LCD screen of 12.3 inches is placed in the meter part of the conventional ,
At the touch of a button , and meter the normal screen ,
Meter , such as screen to place small in centered around the car navigation system ,
You are able to switch easily .

In addition , you can also customize the design .

Meter portion has become the liquid crystal ,
Crown Hybrid or the like is was true in Japanese cars ,
Let also embedded car navigation system in the part! Of that is , it is innovative .

Now , those cars might be coming more .

All, it was information of the new Audi TT you know at this time .
I think a variety of information has come out will be released also , because it is the year 2014 !